Safiya Tusmo: Embracing Resilience and Community in Columbus, OhioIn the heart of Columbus, Ohio

Safiya Tusmo: Embracing Resilience and Community in Columbus, Ohio
In the heart of Columbus, Ohio, Safiya Tusmo emerges as a symbol of unwavering strength, resilience, and artistic brilliance. A Somali singer, community activist, and poet, Safiya’s narrative echoes the triumphs of a single mother raising seven children, one of whom faces the challenges of disability.
“Today we have voters and a sizable population that creates a difference,” Safiya Tusmo reflects on her transformative journey from Somalia to the welcoming embrace of Columbus, Ohio. A refugee fleeing the horrors of war, Safiya encountered the harsh reality of language barriers and the struggle to acclimate to a new climate upon her arrival in America. Yet, her unwavering determination to foster a secure environment for her family led her to choose Columbus—a city renowned for its safety, tranquility, and its open arms to refugees.
Amidst the warmth of the community, Safiya grappled with the clash between traditional Somali culture and the individualistic tendencies prevalent in American society. She notes, “If the kid reaches 18, he doesn’t listen to his parent—a cultural shift that differs from my own.” Navigating this intricate balance between heritage and the evolving landscape, Safiya stands as a bridge between cultures, advocating for understanding and unity.
Reflecting on Columbus’s evolution since her arrival in 2001, Safiya marvels at the city’s transformation. Once a place with limited prospects, Columbus burgeoned into a vibrant hub.
The Somali community, initially arriving with little, has flourished, birthing successful entrepreneurs, mosques, diverse businesses, and a palpable impact on the city’s fabric.
“I am thankful for the people who welcomed me here in Ohio,” Safiya expresses her gratitude for the warm embrace of the Ohio community that facilitated the growth of the Somali population into voters, contributing meaningfully to the city’s landscape.
Safiya Tusmo’s life embodies resilience, courage, and unwavering dedication. Her commitment to family, community, and artistic expression stands as a testament to the strength and richness that refugees bring to the diverse tapestry of Columbus, Ohio

By somaliptv